Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Studio!

The new house has a lovely spare room I'll be turning into my fiber studio. The loom is tucked into one corner. The stash is taking over the rest of it. This isn't even all of the stash as I'd moved some of it out to the hallway so I could reach the closet and there were half a dozen boxes/bins behind me when I took the pictures.

Hopefully by the end of October, I'll get the table set up and I can start getting things organized.

I've got some placemats to weave, some yarn to dye and, if I recall correctly, about 9 fleeces to process. I think I'll get myself a drum carder for Christmas and maybe a nice triple picker from Patrick Green for spring.

Lace Knitting
I have been forcing myself to not start any new projects until I get a significant portion of the house unpacked. That lasted until Sunday night. I've really been wanting to knit some lace. I purchased some variegated lace weight yarn at Needleworks before I left town. It's a ball of Yarn Place Graceful. I decided to knit a shawl and then spent a day trying to find a pattern I thought suited the yarn (of course). I finally decided upon the Print O' the Wave stole. Right now it's four rows along and I'm wondering if I should have expanded the body of the stole by one repeat.