Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sock Update

I have finished the first Fawkes Sock. I actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to blogging about it. I have the cuff finished on the second sock. I had intended to work on it while on vacation/at a conference last week, but that didn't happen. What was really fun(ny) about this sock was that ABC Family channel on TV was having a big Harry Potter movie weekend which I discovered while channel surfing for some background noise. I thought that was a fitting accompaniment.

The Boy Sock has been tried on by the Boy. Boy says it fits perfectly. I'm about an inch away from starting the toe shaping. My plan had been to finish Sock 1 by now so he could have tried it on last week, but that didn't happen either. The Boy might be visiting in a few weeks though, so I have another fitting opportunity coming up.

While I was on vacation/at the conference, I did make serious progress on the
Errold's Grove Wedding Shawl. I'm now on Round 25. It's going pretty well and I've now switched to a circular needle from the double pointed needles. I'd show you a picture, but I managed to break my camera on my last day of vacation. The shawl really isn't much to look at right now anyway. Just a wadded up ball of knitting. I'll get through the first chart and then block it for a progress picture. I think it will be stunning when it is finished.