Sunday, February 08, 2015

Started a Sweater

I have been feeling the need for a comfy, warm, snuggly every day cardigan. Something of light to moderate weight that is like an old favorite sweatshirt, but in cardigan form. Suitable for jeans and a t-shirt but not too casual for khakis and a button down shirt. Neutral color.

Last year I knit a plain laceweight stockinette cardigan from a  Morehouse Farm kit (their Lace Cardigan pattern).  After I knit the entire sweater, minus the button bands, I washed and blocked it. That's when I discovered that the gauge loosened up considerably with washing and I had a sweater that was a good six inches larger than I wanted or expected. Although I was disappointed and have set the sweater aside for now, I'll still re-knit it as light weight cardigans are great for the office and for travel.

In assessing my wardrobe recently, I noticed that my "sweatshirt sweaters" that I wear most weekends are getting a bit tired looking.  It'll be time to replace them in the next year or so. A cozy warm sweater in a springy soft wool seemed like just the ticket for a satisfying, simple knit. I picked the Algonquin Cardigan, also from Morehouse Farm. I bought the kit during their annual kit sale a year ago, choosing the oatmeal color. If this turns out well, I may buy the same yarn in a dyed color and knit another one.
Photo by Morehouse Farm

I did learn from my earlier mistake and knit a gauge swatch and washed/blocked it. I'll go up a needle size from the pattern recommendations and down a sweater size to end up with a 41-42 inch chest on the sweater. The swatch had a nice hand to it once it was washed and I'm very much looking forward to wrapping myself up in the finished product.  With a bit of luck, I'll be able to get the ribbing knit today. (I am considering reducing the ribbing to about half the depth shown in the picture.)