Monday, September 03, 2012

22 and 33

I finished putting my stash into Ravelry today.  The last two categories of yarn were lace weight and sock yarn.  I have 22 unknit shawls and 33 pair of unknit socks in my stash.  Now, all of the unknit socks aren't for me.  All of the shawls are, plus I just joined the Goddess Knits Decadently Divine Shawl Club so will have 25 unknit shawls by the end of the year, not counting the three shawls currently on the needles.

At the rate at which my current supply of knitted socks is wearing thing, I need to get cracking on getting some every day socks knit up.  First, I think I'll finish up the socks I've already got started.  Tonight I worked on my Paraphernalia socks. There are two other sock projects needing 1/2 to 1 sock to finish. Should be easy enough to finish up if I stay focused and stop getting side tracked by other abandoned WsIP.

Speaking of WsIP, I did have a go at finishing up a long ago knitted up sweater.  I started the thing in the late 1990s but didn't like seaming and wasn't very good at it, so the sweater has languished.  Now I need to put the sleeves in it, the collar on it and figure out how to sew a zipper into a sweater.  Hopefully that won't take me 12 years.

I decided to knit the WendyKnits Summer Solstice shawl in my handspun. I picked a needle size that is two or three sizes larger than the pattern called for.  I also modified the pattern into more of a scarf, skipping the last clue and casting off early.  The end result is a nice crescent shaped scarf that I will wear this winter.  I got a new coat last winter but hadn't gotten around to getting or making a new scarf.  It turned out quite well.