Sunday, November 06, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011 Final Report

I managed to not actually finish a single sock during the entire month.  I did, however, start three new pair of socks including the socks reported in my last post.

There are the black socks for Sis.  Too dark to knit in lower light conditions.  Too complicated to knit wtihout the chart. Yarn is some sock yarn by Plymouth. Pattern: Devon by Cookie A.

There are the teal/peacock colored socks. Also too complicated to knit without the chart or while trying to multitask. Yarn from an indie dyer (Purchased at Fine Line Creative Arts Center).  Pattern is Rosebud by Wendy Johnson.

There are the new cotton blend socks. Simple enough for pre-occupied knitting.Yarn is Sockotta. Pattern is Spring Forward from Knitty, Summer 2008.

Other non-sock ongoing projects:
 Blocks for a log cabin-style blanket that I'm knitting for Project Linus.  I don't knit on it very often, which I suspect is because I'm not quite comfortable just making up the pattern as I go. I want the blocks to all be different but then I also worry that it won't look good.  Today I had a possible idea--adapt the Tokyo Subway Quilt by Oh, Fransson! to my knitted blanket.  My version will just be two colors (red and blue), but it should still turn out pretty cool.
Current knitting focus
I've been working on the orange mohair/linen cardi.  I've only got the lace edging to finish for the fronts and the sleeves.  It's not particularly complicated and just needs to be done.  Once the edging is finished, all that will need to be done is the sewing up.  I need to quit procrastinating and just do it.  I really want to wear this sweater this fall and winter.

Next focus
Finishing some of those socks during some upcoming travel events, especially Sis' socks.  I'd like to get the green cotton cardi off the WIP list too.  I'll have to rip out the sleeves and pay a heck of a lot more attention to the gauge and fit so I end up with sleeves that aren't so darned tight.  This may involve modifying the pattern to get the fit I want.

There are a few pattern ideas percolating in the back of my head too.  I have a lace stole sketched out.  It may be that I actually knit a swatch or three and finally develop the full pattern.