Saturday, December 01, 2012

Thankfully Spinning

I spent a couple hours at the wheel today.  This is some Border Leicester/Mohair roving from Maple Row Stock Farm.The color is called Autumn Leaves.  I like the orangey red and the golden yellow.  It is quite a warm colorway. (I really need to post a pic too.)

I had started spinning this fiber several years ago and have a small skein of worsted two-ply.  Today's efforts have yielded a fingering weight two-ply.  It might all work well together in a woven scarf.

Other projects underway:
I have started the EZ Green Sweater by Sunday Holm.  My version will be red.  I'm adding waist shaping.  I expect this to become a staple of my work wardrobe.

Still have a Paraphernalia sock on the needles.

Have churned out two bulky ribbed hats for the charity coat box at work. There is also a scarf that served very well as my movie knitting.  I need to cast on a new one since we're headed to see Skyfall this weekend.

Haven't started any socks for my sister for Christmas.  I do have a two week international trip coming up though, so perhaps there will be knitting time then.  The last time I was in Tbilisi, the TV channels were switching over to be mostly overdubbed in Georgian, even when the shows were American.  This makes it a lot less fun to watch movies on the MGM channel.  Unfortunately Netflix and Hulu don't work overseas. Time for loading up the MP3 player with books and to take along a couple DVDs.