Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winter Knitting

There were snow flurries today and it is a holiday weekend. I'm going to be curled up with some audiobooks and DVRed shows, knitting away in my comfy chair.  Today I finished up a pair of socks and made more progress on the current sweater. I should be able to get the body of the sweater finished this weekend and might even get the sleeves started.

I still have the usual assortment of sock projects in progress....

On a business trip to South Africa, I visited a place called the Voortrekker Monument about Dutch colonists who dispersed across the country in covered wagons, much like in the US westward migration. In the museum portion of the monument, I spied a case with some vintage textiles, including socks. Pretty much the same sock construction that I use when I knit, albeit my socks are calf length.