Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Ohio Sweater

I have now successfully finished my first adult sweater in recent years. The sweater is Mayan Puzzle by Anne Hanson at KnitSpot. The yarn is from the KnitSpot yarn company, Bare Naked Wools. It is Kent DK in the color Tide Pool.
It is called The Ohio Sweater as I picked up the yarn and pattern while driving through Ohio en route to DC. I realized that I could stop by Canton on a day when the KnitSpot boutique was open, so altered my route and decided to celebrate my new job with a sweater quantity of yarn.

I really like the finished sweater and even managed to get it sewed up and buttons on it fairly quickly after I finished the knitting. I'm unhappy that within three or four wearings the sleeves have started pilling along the underside of the arms, where they rub against the body. It's a brand new sweater that already is starting to look raggedy. I will definitely think twice about using this yarn on another project.
I would definitely consider knitting the pattern again, though I would likely make the cable pattern symmetrical on each side of the body.