Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Startitis

I tried to resist. I really did.

I have fallen for the WendyKnits Summer Solstice KAL.  I am now trying to decide whether to knit it in Araucania sock yarn or in some sport weight handspun merino.  The handspun is a bit heavy for this pattern.  I'd have to go up two needle sizes to get a nice fabric, which would make a much larger shawl that would possibly require downsizing.  I'm just not sure if I want to use the Araucania for this particular project.  The green color does, however, match my winter coat quite nicely and I could use a nice winter scarf....

While I sort out which yarn to use, I am instead chugging away at the EZ 100th Anniversary Pi Shawl, also from WendyKnits.  I'm about to finish Clue 3.  At the start of Clue 4, I will have 576 stitches.