Monday, June 21, 2010

You Know You Are Tired When....

You absentmindedly click on a blog name in Bloglines, start to read the unread posts and GET HALFWAY THROUGH before you realize that you're reading your own blog.  I actually had the thought "Wow! That's so cool. That knitter is having cold office issues and wants to knit a couple of light weight cardigans just like I do."  *sigh*

In Other News...
Boy celebrated his birthday this past week.  No, I did not knit him any socks (or foot hugs, as he likes to call them).  But just as soon as I get a couple pair of socks for me finished, to shore up my dwindling personal supply of socks, I'll get another pair of Boy Socks on the way.

Printed Silk Cardigan Update
I'm halfway up the body of the sweater now.  Just need to figure out the button band directions some time when I'm not half-braindead.  I need to mark which side will have buttonholes and review the buttonhole technique that they recommend.  I'm actually on the row for the first buttonhole now.  I should also figure out when the armhole shaping will start soon, so I don't have to rip back.  All in all, I think I'm making fairly speedy progress and I like the looks of things so far.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swatchy Swatch!

After tracking down a size 4 bamboo circular, I swatched for the Printed Silk Cardi and got exactly the same pre-washing gauge as I got with the size 5 metal needle. However, once the swatch was washed and dried per label care instructions, the size four swatch came out exactly on gauge.  I'll cast on the body of the sweater in a little bit.  I'll knit the body in the round up to the arm holes, then divide into fronts and back.  That way I can avoid having to sew up the thing and also avoid the procrastination that goes along with having to sew up a sweater.

I have finished the second pair of Wendy Johnson's Serpentine Socks for my Sis. These are made out of Mirasol Hacho.  All that's left is running in the ends and getting them in the mail.

The pair of Serpentine Socks I started for myself out of Socks That Rock Mediumweight have stalled out.  I finished the first sock, but now am wondering if the leg is too short.  I haven't come to a conclusion on that yet. I'm reluctant to rip out the cuff and add another repeat, but if it's too short, it's too short.  So starting the second sock is on hold until I get that decided.

In the meantime, I've cast on for another Wendy Johnson toe-up sock.  This time it's the Ribbed Ribbons socks from Socks from the Toe Up.  I'm knitting them in Verve by the Unique Sheep.  The colorway I have is called Lights.  It reminds me of Christmas lights.

Other socks for me will be coming soon.  I just discovered a second pair of cotton-blend handknit socks with major holes in the heel.  Too big to actually repair and I'm not sure how badly I want to rip back to the heel and re-knit.  These are socks which are easily 6 years old, so it's not like they haven't had a good long life.  I've got at least five more pair of unknit cotton blend socks in my sock yarn stash.