Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taking Stock

At the weekly Sunday knitting meet up, I was asked how many unfinished projects I have going.  With the assistance of Ravelry, I have discovered that the total is actually lower than I thought it might be.  Between my hibernating and in progress lists and a few projects hiding in the back of the closet, the total is only 14.

Just prior to the Sunday knitting meet up this past week, I'd actually been considering starting a new project since the current batch of projects haven't been terribly satisfying and I have had to retire two pair of fairly recently knit socks due to large holes.  I had managed to not start a new project by striking a deal wtih myself.  I have to finish at least one existing project before I can start something new.  This should go very well with my plan to knit from my stash (with the exception of my Cookie A Sock Club membership).

So far, I'm working on finishing up the Mexicali Baby Ole sweater that I started for my not-yet born niece.  In 2003.  Needless to say, she's outgrown it by a wee bit by now.  But I'm sure I can find a baby of suitable size, either of my own acquaintance or through the GoodWill store or other charity.  After that, I have two sweaters that only need seaming to be complete.  Time to get over my seaming fears and get them done!