Monday, November 15, 2010


I have cast on the green cardigan's sleeve again, this time with the size 5 needles that the pattern (and my gauge) call for.  So far the sleeve is about 4 inches tall and progressing well.

I also cast on for the orange linen/mohair cardigan.  The body of it is in stockinette.  I debated putting a garter stitch border at the bottom edge just to keep it from curling. And then I didn't do it.  Now I'm debating ripping out 3 inches of knitted mohair. Ugh.  First I'll block the knitting I've done and see how crisply it blocks out.  So far nobody else on Ravelry who has knit this sweater (Cia) has mentioned the bottom edge curling.  Either it didn't bother anybody or it didn't curl.

The first Boy-sized Zombie sock is nearly done.  Time to knit the ribbing at the top of the cuff, then cast on sock #2.  With any luck, I'll get these done for Christmas.

The first of the Pedicure Socks is finished.  Need to get the second one cast on since that's a Christmas gift too.

Speaking of Christmas...I should probably figure out what, if any, other holiday knitting there will be, given that it's only a bit over a month away.  I'm leaning toward no other holiday knitting, personally.  This is not because I'm a humbug, just because I'm attempting to be realistic about the amount of knitting time and energy I actually have between now and mid-December.

What, if anything, are you knitting for the holidays?