Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sock Knitting and Spinning Thus Far in 2014

I've been making steady progress in building up the sock drawer this year. Some of my earliest socks are finally wearing to the point that continuing to darn them is likely a lost cause.  Time, instead, for these to be retired.  As a result, I've been trying to build up the current supply. Here's what I've finished so far in 2014:

Spock Socks from the Cookie A Sock Club
 Newton Socks from the Cookie A Sock Club

Rosebud Socks, by WendyKnits

The socks currently in progress include Randiriel and Cookie A's Girl on Fire.  I'm not sure about the Girl on Fire socks. I subbed a different club yarn and I'm not entirely sure this color wants to be those socks. I'll have to think about it while I work on Randiriel.

On the Spinning Front.....I saved up and bought myself a Hansen E-spinner earlier this year.  I spun up some bright yellow/orange, red and blue roving that I've been saving for some time. I have no idea what I'll do with it.  It's a nice sportweight but not exactly super soft against the skin.  The final effect is more like autumn leaves than a rainbow.  I like how it turned out.