Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nutkin Progress!

My Nutkin socks are progressing rather rapidly.  I have discovered that I can complete a single pattern repeat during a one hour TV episode (with commercials cut out).  In the past week, I've been able to catch a couple hours of NCIS on DVD, which has facilitated some knitting time.  I now have a finished first sock and have cast on the second sock. With any luck, the second sock will progress as quickly as the first!

The leg of the sock biases a bit, which has been reported for this pattern and some yarns.  I don't think it'll be an issue in the wearing of the sock and I don't mind the appearance of the pattern spiraling up my leg.

Knitting Time
I have realized in the past few weeks where all my knitting time has gone lately.  It seems that on the nights when I don't go over to Boy's house to watch DVDs on his very nice, large HD screen, I tend to spend the evening watching NetFlix or DVDs at home.  This wouldn't necessarily impede my knitting time except that I tend to be surfing the internet rather than knitting.  Perhaps I'll have to impose a moratorium on TV internet surfing just to make sure I get in my knitting time!

LYS news
I discovered this past week that one of my local knitting shops closed a couple months ago.  Oops.  That should tell you how often I buy yarn and how often I have been checking my groups on Ravelry.

The other local knitting shop, which is located a whole mile away from where I live, will be hosting Debbie Macomber on Friday.  I haven't read many of Ms. Macomber's books, but have enjoyed the ones I did read.  I know my grandmother really likes her books too.  I'll have to head over there to sit and knit for a while.  Friday is also the day I close on the sale of my house, so I'll consider the knitting session my reward for getting through the stress of getting it sold.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Travel Knitting Results!

The Kiri Shawl was left behind in the interest of saving space.  I did, however, take the Nutkin socks.  I cast on while waiting to leave the US.  I got through several repeats on the cuff.  I like how the pattern looks. Not quite as fond of the sock color, but perhaps it will grow on me as I knit it. If not, I can always give them away.

While in Tbilisi, I was showed a gallery with some really creative felt projects.  Wallhangings, hats, lamp shades. Unfortunately the gallery was closed at the time we went past.  I'll definitely need to get there again when it is open.  I'd love to see what sort of textile and fiber arts are being produced in the country.  What little bits I could see were intriguing.