Monday, August 20, 2007

Miniscule Progress

Just four rows accomplished yesterday on MS3. The good news is that I'm watching My Sister Ilene on TCM tonight, so will have plenty of knitting time. I figure I can get a dozen rows done with any luck. I'm in the middle of the less interesting honeycomb section. In looking at the pictures of finished stoles others have done, I'm not entirely keen on the transition to the wing section, but I don't know that I want to make the symmetrical version either. I think I'll keep on with the pattern as originally designed. I don't have to like it or wear it. I can always give it away. It's still been fun.

I very nearly cast on the second blue Trekking sock tonight while I was cycling on the trainer, but I got distracted by the sweating. I'm looking forward to working on socks when the stole is finished.


Carrie Penny said...

You sound like me, The Bad Seed was on the other night and I sat in bed knitting away snacking on popcorn...

Ruby Louise said...


I was a student for far too long to only do one thing at a time. It was always read *and* take notes or listen to a lecture *and* take notes. Now I'm stuck with needing to do two or more things at a time or I get fidgety and can't concentrate.