Sunday, September 09, 2007

Well, that worked out well


So, the Fawkes socks were started. I got up to Row 10 fairly quickly. Probably because I completely skipped Row 5 (and corresponding plain row 6). I *swear* there was no Row 5 in the chart when I was knitting. Sigh.

I finished the night with a couple of rounds on the blue Trekking socks, then two rows of the Mystery Stole (now on Row 278).

So I'll rip out the Fawkes socks to Row 4 and start again. I will print out the pattern too so I can mark rows off instead of knitting from the computer screen.

Maybe working on the Mystery Stole isn't such a bad idea after all. I certainly don't seem to be less prone to mistakes working on other projects!

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Carrie Penny said...

Thanks for the comment. The kitten in the picture will be staying, he has come out, but I think his brother is too submissive to his brother and doesn't seem to like humans at all... I think I will have to take him back today, and I hate it, he is a cutie.

The shawl is The Rose Trellis Shawl. It pops up on Google.