Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nutkin Progress!

My Nutkin socks are progressing rather rapidly.  I have discovered that I can complete a single pattern repeat during a one hour TV episode (with commercials cut out).  In the past week, I've been able to catch a couple hours of NCIS on DVD, which has facilitated some knitting time.  I now have a finished first sock and have cast on the second sock. With any luck, the second sock will progress as quickly as the first!

The leg of the sock biases a bit, which has been reported for this pattern and some yarns.  I don't think it'll be an issue in the wearing of the sock and I don't mind the appearance of the pattern spiraling up my leg.

Knitting Time
I have realized in the past few weeks where all my knitting time has gone lately.  It seems that on the nights when I don't go over to Boy's house to watch DVDs on his very nice, large HD screen, I tend to spend the evening watching NetFlix or DVDs at home.  This wouldn't necessarily impede my knitting time except that I tend to be surfing the internet rather than knitting.  Perhaps I'll have to impose a moratorium on TV internet surfing just to make sure I get in my knitting time!

LYS news
I discovered this past week that one of my local knitting shops closed a couple months ago.  Oops.  That should tell you how often I buy yarn and how often I have been checking my groups on Ravelry.

The other local knitting shop, which is located a whole mile away from where I live, will be hosting Debbie Macomber on Friday.  I haven't read many of Ms. Macomber's books, but have enjoyed the ones I did read.  I know my grandmother really likes her books too.  I'll have to head over there to sit and knit for a while.  Friday is also the day I close on the sale of my house, so I'll consider the knitting session my reward for getting through the stress of getting it sold.

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