Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Force is With My Socks

I finally finished my Jedi Mind Trick Socks. These are in a very dark green color that remind me of the swamps of Dagobah. The yarn is Grinning Gargoyle Skinny Super Twist, which was a Cookie A sock club yarn in 2014. These socks were started in January 2015 as my travel knitting project for the Inaugural Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon. I finally finished them after the 2nd Dark Side Half Marathon in April.

The pattern has options to have the twisted stitch pattern arc across the instep or to go straight down the foot. While finishing the second foot, I completely forgot about shifting the pattern over until I was knitting the toe. I was not in the mood to rip out the foot and redo it, so now I have a pair of fraternal socks and I'm absolutely ok with that. I love the color and they fit well too.

Current projects include Owlie socks for travel knitting, a garter stitch cardigan for me, and the Queen Susan Shawl (or at least the swatch for it). I'd purchased the yarn for a Mother's Day Shawl KAL since I found myself unable to resist the lovely colors, but the pattern immediately had multiple errata corrections that caused me to lose interest in trying to get it sorted out. I'll pick a different shawl pattern instead. I have a nice tan color that might make a good three color combo for Color Affection.

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