Friday, March 16, 2007


I got to knit!! I got to knit!!

I went to the local knitting group that meets at the library once a month. I sat and chatted for about 90 minutes. There were three other women there. One has been knitting for over 40 years and was working on a baby sweater. Another had been knitting for three weeks and was teaching herself how to do yarn overs. The third is an advanced beginning knitter and was working on a hat. I did a couple of rows on my Kiri shawl. I think I might have goofed up the last row, however, so might be pulling that out later this evening. It was quite comforting for the beginning knitter to see that I had to stop and fix some mistakes. She was convinced that "real" knitters don't do things like that. I was able to reassure her that even knitters with 14 years of experience make mistakes and we laughed about it.

Fiber Weekend Plan
I dragged out one of the Coopworth fleeces last night and started teasing the fiber apart. I am much farther along in the process than I thought I was. There are only a few pounds left to tease apart and then I can just wash it all and comb it. The latter two steps won't happen this weekend, but I can at least get the fiber ready for washing and possibly even get a start on the washing process.

Tonight I'll either tease more fleece or I'll tear out that row of the Kiri. I haven't decided which I want to do.

YAY for me!!! I fixed the error in the Kiri *without* ripping it out!!! The error involved an area with increases next to a column of yarnovers and I was able to figure it out and make the side with the error match the other side of the mirror point of the repeat unit. The stitches are a bit uneven, but that will sort itself out with blocking. I am on the last row of the repeat. I have decided, given the amount of yarn I have left to do at least one more set of repeats. I could probably do two or three more, but I don't want the shawl to be too large. Tomorrow I need to put it on waste yarn and pin it out. That will require purchasing some pins. I have been completely unable to locate my sewing pins or my measuring tapes. I don't know which box they ended up in, but they're not with any of the sewing stuff.

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