Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Knitting!

I have just finished picking up the live stitches on the Kiri (having had to rip back three repeats plus the border to fix the tear in it). I have no idea where in the pattern I'm at now. I'll have a look at that shortly. The working yarn is in the middle of a pattern row.

Fledgling Wing
I haven't quite finished the first repeat on the wing. I dislike having to keep a stitch marker at the end of the row where I turn and knit back. It gets in my way, but I have discovered with this particular pattern it's easier to use the stitch marker than to have to count or examine the knitting and see where the P2tog goes before the turn. Oh well, I'll live.

When I pinned out the stole last week for the picture, I discovered that it will block out larger than I thought. It might actually qualify as a stole, instead of a scarf. Of course, there's no telling how well it will stay blocked once I wear it. Once it's finished and blocked for real, we'll see how big it gets.

I have been slowly building up my Ravelry entries. I'm listed there as morenna if you want to look. I don't have any photos posted and I'm not likely to do so any time soon. I am not really keen on having to start a Flickr account in order to post photos. It would be nice if I could use them off my server instead of having to put them up somewhere else. Oh well.... I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending there anyway since it will, once again, cut into my knitting time.


Stefaneener said...

Hellloooooo. Who's my very favorite mailer-of-a-lovely-lace-scarf! It's like Christmas here, I tell you. I had completely and utterly forgotten about it because all I do lately is worry and work and clean, and there it was, such a nice thing.

My 12 year old is threatening to swipe it, but she's going to have to try a whole lot harder before I let her.

I hope you enjoy knitting the second one as much as I'm going to enjoy using the first one. Thank you so much.

Morenna said...

You're welcome!! I'm glad it brightened your day. I think I'll have just as much fun on the next one as I did knitting that one. Speaking of knitting scarves....I might just have to go wind the yarn for it tonight.