Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knitting Motivation

On the Sock Knitter's list, the question came up the other day about how people motivate themselves to finish socks that you are no longer excited by. For me, I usually set them aside for a little while and see if the excitement or interest returns. Ordinarily I am able to maintain the excitement through the entire first sock. Once the first sock is done, I get excited about starting the second one so I can get a completed pair. That excitement usually lasts me through the end of the pair.

With that said, I do have slumps in my knitting activity. Right now I'm not terribly interested in sitting still to knit. That's got nothing to do with the projects themselves but with my brain. I'd rather be out in the yard digging in the dirt or mowing the lawn. If I could figure out a way that worked for me to weed flower beds *and* knit, I'd do it. I guess I'm a bit stir-crazy and just not interested in sitting around, even with a good movie on TV or a good audiobook or podcast. Heck, I can hardly stay focused on a single podcast that ordinarily would be very interesting. I get about 15 minutes into it and lose interest. Once I adjust to the longer days and nicer outdoor weather, I'll get back into my usual knitting/sitting time. Right now I'm gorging on time outside. (Of course, now that I've said that, today is chilly and rainy.)

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Stefaneener said...

Yes. Sitting still can be a huge challenge for me in the best of times. I'll knit when there are lots of papers to grade, though. . . Or just read blogs.