Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project Pictures and Project Woes

First, for the good pictures, we have the Boy Socks (all finished save for the weaving in of the ends) and we have Sis' Striped Sock #3, just ready to turn the heel.

Now for the project woes....
The chemo cap is nice to look at, but only about 12 inches in circumference when unstretched.  Although a bald head is smaller than a hairy head, I suspect that it's not small enough to allow this hat to fit.  As much as I dislike this yarn, I'm not really keen on ripping out and starting over.  I had just talked myself into finishing the hat quickly by promising myself I could start the Pittsworth/Tri-Cities socks as soon as I was done too.  Grrrrr.  Now I need to figure out what to do with the hat--either change needle size or cast on more stitches

The other woe isn't a complete and utter woe.  This is a sock that I'm designing myself using Barbara Walker's Fractured Lattice pattern.

I had hoped the stitch pattern would show more stitch definition than it does.  I haven't decided if I want to rip it out and start with a new pattern I devised the other night or if I want to just keep going and get this pattern proofed/tested.  Just because I'm not overly keen on the pattern doesn't mean other folks won't like it.  I am, however, really excited about the next pattern idea.

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