Saturday, March 06, 2010

77.8 Pounds

I spent today organizing and packing up my spinning fleeces. By my reckoning, there are 77.8 pounds of fleece in my garage, divided into 9 boxes.

 It's taken me a while to decide where to send the fleeces for processing, but I think I've finally decided on Spinderella's.  Looks like the turnaround time is about four to eight weeks. That should work out pretty well with the moving in between shipping and receiving.  They're also located relatively close to my new location, which should save on shipping.  Now I just need to print out the order forms, fill out the info and get the boxes over to Mary at the UPS store.

And figure out what I'm going to do with the 50-ish pounds of roving I'm going to get back.  Some of it I'll spin straight into yarn for which I already have ideas for thanks to Lisa Lloyd's book A Fine Fleece. Although I greatly dislike the poorly focused and sometimes poorly lit photos in the book, I do indeed like her cabled sweater patterns a great deal.  I'm also quite curious how long it would take me to spin 1600 yards of a nice 2-ply DK or worsted weight yarn.  I've never measured my handspun in the past.

Now that I have a drum carder, I might just try my hand at blending too.  I've got some lovely alpaca, angora and silk that could be a nice addition to some of the soon-to-be-produced roving or to the already existing Merino roving I have stashed away.

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