Thursday, March 25, 2010

All Boxed In

Well, the fleeces have arrived at Spinderella's. Completely by coincidence, Spinderella has lowered their processing prices a bit and expanded their volume discount to cover the entire order, rather than just individual lots over a certain size. While none of my individual lots exceeded the minimum for the discount, the whole order certainly did.  That was quite a nice surprise.

The stash is now living in a series of cardboard boxes. Tomorrow it gets loaded on a truck and sent off to my new home in Washington state.  The drive to join my stash will take about five days of drive-time, plus I'll spend a day or two in Chicago visiting family before I go.  I have two socks, a scarf and my Kiri shawl (which has another hole in it) as my travel knitting.  I expect that I might get some knitting done while I watch the movers load the truck too.  I really wish I had someone to drive me across the country just so that I could knit all day each of those five days.  Oh well.... I do have a nice supply of books on tape to keep me company and that will just have to suffice.


mary said...

Searching for Jacqueline Olsen's cascading cables pattern and your blogspot came up. Do you still have the pattern? I have a number of hers and rue her passing from Amazing Threads.
Random, I know. But would love to knit this.

Ruby Louise said...

I do still have that pattern. It's safely ensconced in a moving van at the moment. I'm not willing to sell it, I'm afraid. I still haven't gotten around to actually knitting up the kit. However, I have wondered how hard she would be to track down via the internet and/or Ravelry. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Alison said...

Good luck in the new job!

--AlisonH at