Thursday, August 19, 2010

Starting My Pi Shawl

I initially started the WendyKnits Pi Shawl with size six needles. I knit about four rounds and decided that wasn't going to work. I started over again tonight using size four needles.  I've unvented a new circular shawl start.  Having recently been knitting socks from the toe up, it occurred to me that Judy's Magic Cast On might work for a circular start for a shawl.  I started by casting on just four stitches, knit two rounds plain, then increased evenly to nine stitches and began following Wendy's pattern as written.  I'm up to the second increase round now and things are going quite well.  In another half dozen rounds, I should be able to see how the start looks.

The body of the green cardigan is currently drying on my living room floor.  I decided to block it now.  It's a bit longer than I really wanted it to be and I'm a bit worried that it'll stretch even longer.  This is after knitting it shorter than the pattern called for (except for the armscye shaping).  We'll see how it goes after it's all done.  It may not be as long as I think it is once it's sewn up and on my body.  And if it is too long, I can give it to my sister or I can rip back the top and redo it.

I'm traveling again this weekend. I've started a new pair of socks for the occasion. I'm knitting the Fawkes socks again, using some parrot-colored Shibui Sock yarn.  I'm going to knit this pair from the toe up so I can use every last bit of the yarn.  With any luck, I might have a first sock finished by the end of the weekend.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Have a great trip this weekend. Good idea using the Magic cast on.