Thursday, August 26, 2010

There's Logic There Somewhere

For some reason I am still not entirely clear on, I decided that I needed to have a new knitting project for my weekend trip.  I couldn't work on the Crabby Socks, perhaps because I was over halfway through the second sock and I wouldn't want to finish it, leaving myself with no project for an indeterminate amount of time.  I couldn't take the new Pi shawl, because it would be too complicated for airplane knitting or knitting while talking to people. The green cardi sleeve would likely get too big for comfortable portable knitting, not to mention I'd have to keep the magazine with me (because I couldn't possibly have made a copy of the pattern for traveling purposes).

So I started a new pair of socks, of course.  These are knit in Shibui Knits Sock, in a colorway that reminds me of parrots.  Bright tropical colors: orange, fuchsia, turquoise, lime green.  I'm using the Fawkes pattern by the late Monkey Toes, from the now defunct Socktopia site.  Yes, I know that Fawkes was a phoenix in the Harry Potter books, not a parrot. They're both birds, right? I figure that's close enough.  Technically Fawkes is a top-down pattern, but I want to use up every last bit of this yarn, so decided to turn everything upside down and knit from the toe up.  On my trip I got up to the heel turn on the first sock. I'm now one or two pattern repeats up the leg.  I might have a completed pair of socks by the end of next week!

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