Friday, May 06, 2011

Sleeve Island

Stefaneener over at Reading While Knitting commented the other day that she's got three sweaters hanging out at Sweater Island, presumably waiting to have their sleeves either knit or installed or both.  I've got two in the same condition.

The green sweater has 1.5 sleeves knit and I've discovered that the sleeves are far too snug, so they'll get ripped out.

The orange sweater has 1.2 sleeves knit and I hope they aren't too loose. Or too long. It's a loose fitting sweater with a knitted lace trim that will go on the end of the sleeves.

What really worries me is how long the sweaters will languish in the Straits of Seaming and the Finishing Forest.  I've got one sweater that's been there for ten years now!!

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