Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Been That Kind of a Week

First, I discovered that one of my favorite socks ended up in the washing machine, rather than the handwashing tub.  And that it ended up with a huge hole ripped in the heel. Big enough that I won't be able to darn it.

Then I discovered that it's handwashed mate has a nearly as large hole in its heel.  At least this hole didn't get unravelled.

So now I get to decide what to do with these socks.  Can't wear them as is certainly and my darning skills aren't up to fixing these.  So I'll be either tossing them in the trash or ripping the feet back to the heels and starting over from there.  Or ripping them completely out and turning the yarn into something other than socks.

My socks are now officially wearing out faster than I can knit replacements.  Even when I can darn them, they're old enough that the places next to the darning wear out. I may have to put the green and orange cardigans on hold until I get some socks knit for me.

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Carrie Penny said...

You can always patch them vs darning, or your can reinforce the openings and start calling them yoga socks and take up a regular yoga practice so you can wear them...