Friday, January 26, 2007

Sweater Projects Found!

Yay for me! Mind you, the sweater projects were not all that I found. I also found moth larvae in one of the storage bins, along with chewed on skeins. So, instead of getting the projects organized, I spent the evening skeining and washing yarn. Fortunately the moths were in the bin that was only yarn, not projects. With a little research, I found out they are probably the larvae of the casemaking clothes moth. Fortunately they are easily killed by thorough washing the yarn and can be controlled through airing things out and exposure to the sun. Well, I know what I'll be doing this weekend....

I discovered that these particular moth larvae were illiterate as they munched quite happily on the yarn which was labelled "mothproofed" (Reynolds Paterna). I also discovered that the green dye in said Reynolds Paterna bleeds like mad when washed, which makes me very happy I didn't make the green and white ski sweater from it. I've since decided that I'll make the green and white ski sweater out of a different yarn and the Paterna will be turned into various items for The Dulaan Project, possibly including a few kids sweaters. I decided to throw out two skeins of yarn which were particularly full of eggs and had quite a bit of damage to them. One was a cream skein of Socka and the other was a ball of Dale Baby Ull, also in a cream color. None of the handspun which was in the bin was touched. Go figure.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll take a photo of the striped baby sweater that just needs a collar knitted onto it. And a small moth hole mended. I should probably find the magazine the pattern came from since I haven't a clue how to knit the collar. It was knit from sock yarn. I think it might have been from Knitters, but I'm not sure.

The Dulaan Project Knitting Plan

Every other Sunday I'm going to work on Dulaan Project knitting. That may be working on a sweater or whipping out a hat in a few hours. I had two hats knit for the project, but my nephew discovered one of them fit his head perfectly so I'm down to one hat. It *did* look quite cute on him, so I imagine that more of the same hat will look exceedingly cute on the Dulaan Project kids too.

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