Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Last night was knitting night at the library. I remembered that just now. Only a day late. Sigh. Now I'll have to wait until next month to knit with people. Sigh. Well, I accomplish quite a bit of weeding in my garden, so the evening wasn't a complete loss....

It's only a month until June 15th!! I have a month to make two more hats for the Dulaan Project to complete my five things for them!!! It's taken me a month to finally get one hat done (not that much knitting, but that much time to get around to the knitting). I will *have* to spend at least one hour a week and more on weekends on my Dulaan Hats. I *will* be achieving this goal.

The Drum Carder is En Route

UPS took control of it yesterday. They expect it will be in my hot little hands in a week. Yay!!

I bought a gently used Strauch's Finest, complete with all the extra goodies. I can hardly wait to start using it. There's a holiday weekend coming up this month. I'll have to take the extra day off and get acquainted with the carder. I guess that means I should get some fleece washed and picked. Which means I'll have to figure out which one to prepare. Although I've got a lot of Coopworth picked and washed, I think I'd rather comb that fleece. I do have a couple of crossbred fleeces and a couple of Shetland fleeces which would be excellent candidates for the carder. I'll go have a look a bit later tonight and make a decision.

Red Sock!
Although I didn't knit on the red lace sock while travelling, I did get about an inch knit on it over the weekend. AND I finished the red Mountain Colors sock. Well, the first one, at least.

I have a basket of socks to mend. I've been avoiding them. It's not that I have a lot of mending. I just find it tedious. My socks actually wear very well. However, if the nail on my right big toe gets a little long and I wear handknit socks with one particular pair of shoes, I start to wear a thin spot in the sock. I usually figure this out about the time I take the socks off at the end of the day. Sigh.

Actually, there is one pair of socks which needs the toe re-knit, but that's because it was a bit too short.

Perhaps that will be this week's knitting accomplishment: put one pair of socks back into service by the end of the week. I can manage that.

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