Monday, May 07, 2007

Travel Knitting

I am headed out for three days of training this week. I have absolutely no trouble packing clothes or anything else for trips. I have unending amounts of trouble packing knitting projects.

Here are the criteria I need to meet:
  • project must be transportable/packable--the afghan or nearly completed adult-sized sweater is probably too big to fit neatly into luggage.
  • project must be interesting enough to keep my attention, esp if the cable TV offerings aren't terribly exciting
  • project must also be simple enough for me to not completely screw it up if I am mentally tired or try to knit and read simultaneously
Of the projects currently underway, I have two pair of socks which would meet these criteria, but I really don't feel like knitting socks. I feel the need to knit something new. Rather than agonize over it, which I could easily do, I think I will just simply take my two socks in progress (one lace and one fairly plain) and call it good. Sure, that's the easy way out, but I'm too tired to figure out something else to take with me, then find the appropriate yarn, needles and pattern. I'm almost guaranteed to forget one of those three things if I start out new anyway.


Carrie Penny said...

I recomend animals. There are some great patterns on the net and they are a lot of fun to work up. You can find them where they are one or two pieces and little to no sewing (you can wait until you are home to stuff and sew too). Even without kids or animals, like myself, they are fun to make (I donate).

Morenna said...

Good idea. I do actually knit kids sweaters for charity, which works along the same principles (quick, fun and little to no sewing). :o)