Friday, August 08, 2008

Ok, still just nearly finished

I didn't quite get my second Fawkes finished last weekend and I didn't knit on it at all this week. I haven't knit anything since last weekend. There just wasn't time between working out, mowing the lawn and doing the normal weekly chores around the house. I started to get excited this morning about knitting this weekend, but a crummy day at work sucked all that excitement and energy right out of me. Now I really couldn't care less if I knit at all this weekend. Meh.

Boy's sock is still sitting here. I didn't even get the toe grafted shut, nevermind mailing it to Boy. Boy's sock will have to be mailed soon since he's not traveling this week. There are brief windows of opportunity for packages to find Boy at home these days.

I haven't touched Errold since I got back from vacation. I'm not sure that's good after work weekend anyway, given that I can be unfocused and distracted or too tired to concentrate. Maybe I'll try it again next week. I really really want to make some progress on it, since what I've seen of other people's Errolds is just beautiful.

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