Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's a mite nippy here this evening. My mousing hand got exceedingly cold at work today, mostly because the heat was off at work and it was 15 degrees out at 8am. With any luck, the boiler will be fixed during the night and we'll have heat tomorrow. Nonetheless, I'm taking my mouse hand's fingerless glove tomorrow. I knit this glove over five years ago and I have always intended to knit its mate. I even left one of the DPNs stuck in the ball of wool so I wouldn't forget what size needle I used. Yeah. Never quite got around to that one. I am, however, infinitely happy that I have the mouse hand glove. (My mouse hand is always much colder than my other hand. I'm sure it's a positional thing and the glove does really help.)

Project Update
This will be easy. There's really nothing to update. The Boy Scarf is about a foot long. I haven't knit anything else. Nothing. Between traveling and being exhausted in the evenings, until tonight, I just haven't gotten anything done. This may or may not change in the near future. You see, I came across a free, open source 3D animation suite today and I really really really want to play with it. Knitting may get put off a bit. I really should finish the niece and nephew's cold weather stuff soon though or else we'll run out of cold weather! *sigh*

New Books
I did acquire several knitting books recently. I was given Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines and Poems of Color as gifts. I bought myself No Sheep for You and A Fine Fleece. I have carefully put them on my bookshelf and am avoiding looking at them so I don't start yet another knitting project before I get a few other things finished (like niece and nephew's cold weather stuff).

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