Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knitting Motivation

I am slowly regaining my knitting motivation again. I didn't get burned out with holiday knitting though. Mostly I just ran out of time to get knitting done on a regular basis. Time to finish up the niece and nephew's Critter Knits. They really ought to have them before winter ends, don't you think? Then I think I'll finish the 2nd Queen of Cups sock so I can wear the silly things. A gorgeous new pair of socks can't help but brighten one's day a little bit more, right? I'm beginning to get a hankering to work on the Errold's Grove wedding shawl again too. I haven't touched it since the yarn had that unfortunate meeting with the vacuum.

So, for a first step in returning to knitting regularly--I'm going to finish nephew's Gator Mitts by the end of the weekend. Then I'll work on the Gator Scarf. That will leave just the two hats and I'll be done! The hats ought to knit up pretty quickly.

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