Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knit Compliments

I received compliments on the sweater I wore to work on Friday. It's a simple bulky pullover from a mid 1990s Vogue Knitting and, for several years, was my default favorite sweater on a cold day. It began its life as a men's XL pullover from Land's End. Of course, it was large enough to fit me and at least one other person at the same time, so I rarely wore it. I got the wild idea to unravel it and knit it up as something I would wear. That was a pretty adventurous approach to my very first adult-sized sweater, if I say so myself. (Oddly enough, I think I'm less adventurous about my knitting now that I know how much could go wrong.) Anyway, in this particular case it worked out quite well.

My coworkers were amazed when I thanked them for complimenting my sweater and commented that I knit it myself. I thought they knew I knit, but either they didn't or they forgot. I showed off my handknit socks too. This started a really nice craft/hobby discussion. One woman crochets afghans for her grandkids. We all did cross-stitching at some point. Someone else would like to try quilting like her mom and grandmother.

At the group movie I went to after work, I knit on the Boy Scarf. This led to all sorts of amusing comments, particularly since the theater appeared to be unheated. One woman leaned over and asked if I could knit her a pair of socks because her feet were cold. I replied that I could, but they wouldn't be done before the movie was over. I did get a good bit of the Boy Scarf knit during the movie. (We saw Last Chance Harvey, which was very cute and not nearly as sad as I expected.) I even managed to join a second ball of yarn in complete darkness, which I thought was impressive. I might get this scarf done in the next week!

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