Monday, September 12, 2011

Frogging and Finishing and Starting

First, the frogging--I ripped out the Errold's Grove Wedding Shawl that was probably 80% complete.  It's been hibernating for the past couple years and I decided today that the yarn really needs to be something else.

Now for the finishing...the Pea Vines shawl is finished and blocked and ready to wear!  I didn't do as nice a blocking job on the top edge as I'd have liked, but it'll be ok for now.  To do it well, a set of blocking wires is really needed.  Perhaps I'll buy some for myself this winter.

All in all, I really liked knitting this.  I thought the pattern was extremely well written. When Anne Hanson said the pattern was a great traveler, she was definitely right.  This was a great travel knit. I may end up making another of these some time.

The starting part is a bit trickier.  I was resisting starting a new project until I started going through my stash and pulling out yarn to donate.  Now I'm sort of hankering to start several pairs of French Press Slippers to use up some gorgeous Harrisville Designs wool in different jewel tones.  These would be great slippers for a charity project.  I mostly talked myself out of that idea, but then I stumbled across the Through the Loops Shawl KAL.  There are only 13 days left to knit a shawl from one of Kristen Kapur's patterns.  Jeanne happens to be #7 in m Ravelry queue.  I just happen to have the exact yarn (Schaeffer Anne) in my stash and it's already wound into a ball....

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