Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stash Enlargement Moratorium

I made a frightening discovery today.  I exported my Ravelry stash database to a spreadsheet and added things up. If the database is accurate (and I suspect it is missing some of the purchases as well as doesn't have all the FOs substracted out), I currently have 103,566.5 yards of yarn in 379.75 skeins living in my stash room.  That doesn't include the over 100 pounds of spinning fiber. 

Holy Cow!!! This explains why it seems like my yarn is bursting out at the seams.  That's waaaaaaaay too big. I could see having maybe 10-15,000 yards at the most. So, with the exception of the two yarn/project clubs I'm currently in (Cookie A Sock Club and Paradise Fibers Yarn Club), I am going to cease purchasing yarn and fiber for the forseeable future. The only possible exception to this will be if I need to make a gift for someone and don't have suitable yarn in the stash.

So, let's see how quickly I can knit things down!  At ~400 yards per pair of socks this may take a while.... (there are 40+ pair of unknit socks in the stash so even knitting them all up won't make a huge dent. It's the unknit shawls that really add to the yardage.)

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