Monday, March 09, 2015

I Stuck with the Cardigan

The first Drogon sock continues to languish.  On the other hand, the left front of the Algonquin Cardigan is now completed and I'm an inch or so into the right front.  I'll knit on it a bit more while I wind down for the night. With a bit of luck, I might get the whole body finished by the end of the weekend.  There is something about sleeves though that seem to take forever and the 2nd sleeve takes twice as long as the first....

Since I had the ballwinder out to wind the next skein for the Algonquin Cardigan, I went ahead and wound the yarn for the next sock project too.  I've decided to turn a bright aqua skein of Colinette Jitterbug into a pair of Leonore socks by Caoua Coffee.  However, I'm not going to cast on until I finish the Drogon Socks and possibly the Autumn Socks.

Did I mention yet that I was snared by a Mystery Shawl Knit Along?  BadCatDesigns' Full Moon, in honor of the Chinese New Year.  I've knit half of the first clue.  I'm using Elegant Yarns Ethereal in the colorway Olive. The yarn looks green in some light and brown in others. There are glints of gold and red.  It reminds me of spring growth emerging from the cold mud of winter.  I've got 2 skeins for a total of 1600 yards.  I'm not planning to use beads, though I suppose I could change my mind once I get to the charts with beads. 

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