Monday, March 23, 2015

Targeted Sweater Dimensions

My favorite light weight cardigan has the following dimensions:

  • 42 inch chest, with fronts overlapped by 1 inch. The back is 22 inches across. Each front is 11 inches at the underarm.
  • 40 inch waist
  • 44 inch at bottom ribbing
  •  23.5 inch length
  • 9 inch armhole
  • 22.5 inch sleeve length with 2 inches ribbing and 8 inch cuff opening.
  • 2.5 inch drop from back neck to front neck
  • 1 inch from bottom of the sweater to the bottom button and 3 inches between buttons.
This is what I'm trying to re-create when I knit a basic sweater myself.  In principle, it shouldn't be very hard to accomplish this. However, if I cannot figure out how to knit to the same gauge as the gauge swatch, a successful sweater will be impossible.

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