Thursday, February 12, 2009

Half of Gator Mitt #2!

Well, I went all hyper to knit Gator Mitt #2 and now I've lost all motivation about halfway through it. I have, however, started a completely mindless One-Row Scarf. My only "excuse" is that I was listening to Ender in Exile as an audiobook and didn't want to miss anything good in the book by having to pay attention to my knitting.

Perhaps there shall be more knitting this weekend, since I've got Monday off for President's Day. Or maybe I'll work on sorting out my fleece stash. One of the nice fiber mills is having a 25% off processing sale for February. Maybe I'll finally admit to myself that I'm never going to process 15 fleeces myself. I'm definitely not going to do like another fiber person and just throw out all the fleeces after deciding she wasn't going to get around to ever processing them herself or having them processed. O.o

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