Friday, January 18, 2008

KAL woes

I'm presently a member of two shawl/stole KALs: Spring Shawl Surprice [sic] and Secret of the Stole II. The former is now on its third clue (and looks gorgeous), while the latter had its first clue posted today. Each of them takes 1500-1600 meters of lace weight yarn. Both should be knit in a solid-colored, non-fuzzy yarn. The color is recommended to be "earth-toned" for the stole and wide open, except perhaps for black, on the Spring Shawl.

The "woe" is merely that I haven't got any yarn suitable for these projects. The lace weight yarn I actually have in my stash are either short on yardage or are too thin/light weight. You see, the recommended yarns are 4000-6000 yards per pound. The yarns for which I have sufficient yardage are 11,000-12,000 yards per pound. While these yarns are beautiful, they are far too thin to work well in these patterns. I do have one yarn which would work, but it's 100% cotton and I can't decide if that fiber would work well in a lace shawl that will need to be blocked hard.

So I have two choices. I could wait to knit these patterns or I could find other suitable yarns and order them SOON! It wouldn't break the budget to buy shawl/stole yarn. I'm considering KnitPicks' lace yarns as possible candidates, but so far I'm not feeling the magic for either of the projects or the yarn colors.

Swan Lake Update
Perhaps by the time I finish the last 86 rows of Swan Lake I'll have a decision made. I've really been hammering through Swan Lake, while listening to Ender's Shadow. I think I'm getting a little burned out on knitting though since I've been knitting for three or more hours each night this week. And now I'm facing a three day weekend during which I figured I'd spend a good-sized chunk of it knitting. Maybe not. I dunno. Part of me really wants to crank out the Swan Lake soon, but part of me wants a change of pace. Like maybe spinning something instead of knitting.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Well I think honestly if you aren't really feeling either of the projects I say wait no reason to start something & you end up getting burnt out half way through they say change is good I saw spin till you can't spin anymore lol