Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok, so there was knitting

Just after I wrote that I didn't feel like knitting I picked up my sock and finished the ribbing on it. Now I'm ready for the leg. (It was only a couple of rounds of knitting, so it's not like I did very much.)

Tonight I feel like knitting, but I can't decide between the Swan Lake Stole and the sock. The sock would go faster and also be more mindless. I can't decide if I'm up to handling knitting that I have to think about yet, but I do want to get Swan Lake off the needles soon. I think I probably need to stick to mindless. Between the cough syrup and the end-of-day brain drain, lace knitting would be a baaaaaaaaad idea.


~RaenWa~ said...

I hope you start feeling well soon I dont think knitting while under the influence of cough syrup is a good idea lol but who knows you may knit and end up with something cool lol take it easy & feel better soon

Morenna said...

thanks! I did ok with the knitting, as far as I know. (I haven't looked too hard at the sock yet.) I'm feeling back to almost normal now. Just an occasional cough. Yay!!