Saturday, January 19, 2008

No actual spinning done

But I did decide that I needed to definitely not knit for a day. (Thanks for the extra nudge that way Raenwa!) Though I did ply two bobbins worth of merino 3-ply worsted and pre-drafted a bunch of merino-tencel from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the color Sea. I have just under 7 ounces of roving. I bought this stuff several years at the Fleece Fair in Greencastle, IN. I remember thinking the colors were spectacular at the time and it reminded me of mermaids even before I noticed the color was labeled Sea. I'm not as wild about the colors now, but it's still very pretty and still reminds me of mermaids.

I split the roving lengthwise into five pieces and am pre-drafting it. Each of the five original pieces has been divided into three shorter pieces to make it easier to handle but I'm keeping them all in the same order to keep the color changes consistent between the five original lengths.
The colors are quite dark in the compressed roving (photo #1), but lighten up quite a bit when drafted out (photo #2). I like the lighter colors better. When I purchased this fiber, I wanted to make sock yarn from it. I was considering a two-ply fingering weight, but think I'll go with three-ply fingering weight for extra durability.

We'll see how long I can focus my attention on the spinning. I have a tendency to get most of the singles spun and then lose momentum before getting the plying finished, thus never quite getting the spinning/knitting project finished. Now that I have an actual endpoint (sock yarn) determined, I might actually be able to get there.

So tomorrow I'll knit a couple rows of Swan Lake and then spin for a while.


Carrie Penny said...

That looks like the yarn will be MMMMMMMMMMM-Azing! I can't wait to see what it looks like!

~RaenWa~ said...

I love the colors in your yarn can't wait to see how it come out & what you make