Saturday, March 22, 2008

One and a Half Down!

I'm working on the heel flap, but I'll be ripping back a wee bit. You see, I got a bit off on the ribs. I accidentally switched a non-dropstitch rib for a dropstitch rib. This wouldn't be a bad thing except that the drop stitch I currently have shifts over to one of the sides of the rib and will actually run all the way back to the top of the cuff. Sigh. Fortunately I caught it now. I'm not even going to try to fix it by dropping down a stitch. The eye of the partridge heel flap would make that too much of a pain in the patootie. Anyway, I figure it'll take 20 minutes to rip and re-knit and I'll be back on track!! There are currently 30 people finished with this sock in my bracket, so I have only to beat 9 other knitters and I advance to round 2!! w00t!


Ronni said...

You can do it! We're rooting for you. Knit on!

Big Sis said...

I stopped in to give you a little Sockmadness encouragement! You can totally do it. I thought I was the slowest knitter ever, and SOMEHOW I managed to finish my zombies in a week (which included working a normal schedule and dealing with a normal number of crisises!) I was sure I'd be kicked out in the first round.

I actually miscounted and dropped the wrong stitch, too, on my second sock, so you're not the only one. I fiddled with it way too long trying to fix it, then finally realized it would be way faster just to do some frogging and reknit those rows. So, see, there's hope for us slowpokes! Knit on! :)