Saturday, March 01, 2008

Elegant Ribbing Socks Done!

I even wove in all the ends on them. I used several small balls of yarn in re-knitting the toe, rather than the largest of the leftover balls. This was more effective at using up the leftovers, but does make for more weaving in to do--my least favorite part of knitting after sewing seams. The socks fit very well.

Here are the details:
Elegant Ribbing Sock Pattern
Designed by Sword Queen
Pattern available via internet archive here.
Yarn: Froelich Blauband in a blue colorway with bits of green and light blue. It reminds me of the ocean on a cloudy day.
Needles: size 2

Sock Madness Supplies:
I have gone through the list and my sock yarn stash. I think I have everything I need. It's not the exact yarn called for in the patterns, but the same weight so I'm happy with that. I was hoping to not have to buy yarn. I may have some difficulty deciding which yarn or which color to use, except for the one pattern for which I have the exact yarn, but I can use stash. Hooray!!

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