Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doldrums Over!

I picked up Queen of Cups last night for a bit o' DVD knitting. That went quite well and got me a bit more energized about knitting. Then today I came across the Nottingham Hat. I think this will become my 2008 charity knitting project. I've got a couple odd skeins of worsted weight wool that are just screaming to be made into something useful and warm, like a hat. w00t!

The one thing I haven't done and really shouldn't have put off this long is to order the Morehouse Merino Critter Patterns. I am supposed to be knitting a hat, scarf and pair of mittens for the Niece and Nephew. Niece would like a Caterpillar Scarf, Puppy Mittens and a Pony Tail hat. Nephew would like a complete set of alligator gear. As you might expect, it's a wee bit difficult to get started on this project if I don't have the patterns. I had intended to buy the individual patterns, but figured I was up to $25 for those six, I might as well spend $50 and get all the critters. Just in case there's a different critter they want later. Besides, these would also be really cute things to knit and give away for charity.

And now I'm going to watch the end of a Thin Man movie and all of Iron Man while I knit some more on my Queen of Cups.

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Carrie Penny said...

I love critter knits! A friend of mine keeps rolling out sets of things for kids all over her family and I think they are too cute!

See, I have been hitting up Blockbusters all over town looking for horror movies to watch. Since no one carries the old school horror anymore I have been getting random (crossing fingers now B rate) indi films.