Monday, October 20, 2008

More Candy Corn Modifications

I've already told you that I changed the width of the various stripes to make the bags look more like actual candy corn. I also mentioned that I didn't think I'd have enough of the yellow yarn to make the handles. I was right. I also didn't have enough orange yarn to make handles. Rather than using white yarn for handles, I decided to use brown yarn. I did not, however, bother to read the handle directions before starting to knit the I-cord handle. Had I actually read the directions, I would have noticed that there are TWO handles per bag, not one. And the handles attach on the flat sides of the bag, like a regular tote bag, not at the ends like in a messenger bag. Oopsies.

It's now a single strap tote bag shaped like candy corn. I'm calling it a "pattern modification". I am not going to unknit 14 inches of 4-stitch I-cord and then re-knit twice as much I-cord to fix it. I did at least decide to make it a 4-stitch I-cord which is what the pattern calls for and I did pick up the stitches on the body of the bag to anchor the cord to the bag, rather than knitting it separately and sewing it on later.

It is incredibly cute though. Now I just need sufficient light to take a picture with my camera phone and to remember to take said picture when sufficient light exists, rather than remembering after dark. *sigh*

February Lady Sweater
I think I have resisted the February Lady Sweater. The overwhelming urge to start that project over the weekend has abated. This is good. I don't think much of spending LOOOOOOTS of time knitting a sweater I won't ever wear and I'm not quite altruistic enough yet to knit an adult sweater and then donate it to charity or the Good-Will store. I do like that idea though. Perhaps after I get a couple of my own sweaters-in-progress knocked out, I'll do one for charity.

No Sheep For You!
I think I'll have to buy this book. I like to knit with wool, but I really like a bunch of the patterns in this book. I am particularly enamored of Morrigan, Intoxicating, Bespoke and Cables & Os. Morrigan is a highly detailed aran pullover. Intoxicating is a pullover with a mosaic knit body and lace sleeves. Bespoke is a long, seed stitch jacket. Cables and Os is a cabled cardigan. I would love to wear any of these. There are another three or four patterns that I like a lot too. It is unusual for me to find this many patterns in a single book that I would like to knit and wear. I also like the general fiber information at the front of the book and mixed in with the patterns. This is much more than a simple pattern book catering to non-wool yarns. It's a great resource for anyone who knits with non-wool yarns and wants to learn how to make yarn/knitting decisions to help ensure a good outcome.

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Carrie Penny said...

I can't wait to see your final pictures. It has been a blast reading about the candy corn bags!

I am in love with No Sheep for You! I have got to get my hands on it, I just keep waiting until I can get it and not feel guilty about it. I want Cables and O's so badly!!