Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Sock Annoyances

I fixed the goofed up pattern row and kept on going. I'm now about halfway down the foot. Yay! I might actually have the pair finished this week!

Now for the annoyance: the toe of the first sock fits funny. It's plenty long enough, but it feels too narrow and my toes feel squished sideways. I can't decide if I started the toe decreases in the wrong spot and that has contributed to it feeling too narrow or if it's somehow twisted a bit. In pulling on it to make it fit better, it seems as though I may have started the toe later than usual which makes the overall length greater, but my toes end up wiggling into the end of the sock, which somehow results in the squished feeling. I haven't woven in the end yet, so it would be easy enough to rip back a bit and shorten the toe.

The Freedom Sweater is still watching me and waiting to die. I haven't tried a new swatch yet and, without a swatch I like better than the current sweater, I'm not going to start ripping it out. I'm so far into procrastination about this decision that I folded all my laundry instead. I also waxed my car. I did not get to the vacuuming, but it was close.


~RaenWa~ said...

When knitting socks do you use DPNs or circs ? I am going to post a question about this on my blog soon since I want to start learninfg to make socks

Morenna said...

I use DPNs and I knit them from the top down. I tried the 2 circs method, but decided that it was too "fiddly" and went back to DPNs.

I'm in the process of writing up my basic sock pattern. It ought to be posted here within the week.