Monday, February 18, 2008


Rae, of Rae Knits in WA fame, has kindly picked my little fiber blog here for an award. The Make My Day Award is given to blogs that "bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland." Wow! I don't know what to say. Thank you, Rae! I'm glad you like my ramblings. Thank you for your encouraging comments!

Holiday Knitting
No work today thanks to President's Day. I got very little knitting done. I spent half the day puttering around on the computer, mostly cleaning up my bookmarks list(s), and the second half of the day cleaning up my home office and cleaning out my desk drawers. I may do a bit more cleaning out since there were three desk drawers left when I stopped.

Last night I watched Cast Away while working on my Mountain Colors sock. I remembered today what the name of the colorway is: Crazy Woman. I really like the colors, but I must confess that I bought this yarn mostly for the name. Who can resist Crazy Woman socks?! Anyway, I'm down to the toe shaping on the second sock. I could have stayed up to finish it, but decided I didn't really want to stay up too late and get my sleep schedule goofed up. So I have about half an hour of knitting to do and then all the ends to weave in. And there's the re-thinking of the first sock's toe. You'll remember that I have discovered that it doesn't fit quite right. I still haven't figured out just what is wrong with it. I'll put it on while I finish the second sock and see if the magic answer comes to me. (Of course now that I put it on my right foot, it fits just fine. Go figure.)

Update: the socks are done! Well, except for the weaving in of the ends.

Now the big question is what socks to knit next!

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Alison said...

Those are beautiful! And thanks for the sock recipe!

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