Friday, February 08, 2008

Sock Annoyances

For two, count them TWO, rounds now I have failed to actually make the twisted stitches on my braided toeholder socks. Grrr. I just fixed one round and then promptly made the very same mistake on the next round. Grrrr. The sock is now sitting in its little basket thinking about what its done. Maybe tomorrow I'll rip out the last round and re-do it.

Maybe I'll start the Peacock Feathers Shawl instead. Someone whose name escapes me is going to cast on this project in a week or so and asked if anybody was interested in knitting along with her. I figured I might as well join in since I've had the pattern and yarn for two years.

I've decided to frog the Freedom Sweater, but I can't bring myself to actually rip it out quite yet. It's hanging out on the coffee table enjoying its last few days in this iteration. I suppose I ought to just rip it out and start in again, seeing how far I get in a week. We'll see....

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